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 Wire Wrapped Copper Ring 934C Size 8
Wire Wrapped Copper Ring 934C Size 8
01.Jewelry Cleaning Cloth #1
02.Adjustable Ring #5388C
03.Copper 4mm Earrings #CE420
04.Adjustable Ring #519C
05.Copper 5mm Earrings CE421
06.Copper 6mm Earrings #CE1065D01
07.Copper 8mm Earrings #CE1065D02
08.Adjustable Ring #1795C1
09.Copper Earrings #CE5334
10.Copper Earrings #CE5332
11.Copper 15mm Lobster Claw Clasp
12.Adjustable Ring #0893M1
13.Adjustable Ring #1091D2
14.Solid Copper Sister Hook
15.Copper 10mm Earrings #CE1065D03
16.Copper Earrings #CE5335
17.Adjustable Ring #518C
18.Adjustable Ring #1795C2
19.Adjustable Ring #1795C3
20.Copper Earrings #CE3727F02 - 1 inch diameter
21.Copper Earrings #CE078
22.Adjustable Ring #104
23.Copper 6mm Split Jump Rings
24.Copper Choker #01
25.Adjustable Ring #108
26.Copper 12mm Lobster Claw Clasp
27.Copper Ring #CR042 Size 9
28.Adjustable Ring #547C
29.Copper Ring #CR022 Size 9
30.Ladies Link Bracelet #CB001
31.Copper Ring #CR042 Size 8
32.Copper Earrings #CE1267C01
33.Ladies Link Bracelet #CB6141D
34.Adjustable Ring #101
35.Copper Ring #CR042 Size 7
36.Mens 8 Inch Cuff Bracelet #622L
37.Copper Earring Clutch Back - 2 pairs
38.Copper Ring #CR019 Size 8
39.Copper Ring #CR019 Size 10
40.Copper Ring #CR019 Size 9
41.Copper Earrings #CE1263C01
42.Ladies Link Bracelet #CB5124D
43.Copper Earrings #CE080
44.Copper Ring #CR022 Size 8
45.Copper Ring #CR6313C Size 7
46.Misc. Cleaning Cloth #3
47.Copper Earrings #CE3467DO
48.Mens 9 Inch Copper Bracelet #CB639G- 5/8 of an inch wide
49.Copper Leverback Earrings
50.Copper Earrings #CE5337
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 Copper Ring #CR040 Size 6
A very handsome ring. When polished it shows off the beautif ..
4 of 5 Stars!