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Wrist Sizes For Cuff Bracelets
Wrist Sizes For Cuff Bracelets

Men's & Women's Cuff Bracelets

Once you receive your bracelet, “roll it on and slide it down” Remember to relax your wrist – the relaxed position is down and limp.
If the bracelet is snug, but not tight, comfortable but not loose, and stays in one place (ie. between the wristbone and the hand), you have “the perfect fit.”
If the bracelet is too tight or too loose, it needs adjusting. Since all of our bracelets are adjustable, this is easy and not a problem. Don’t be afraid to adjust the bracelet; it will not break. Having started with the correct basic size, only a minor adjustment is required that won’t bend the bracelet out of shape.
Remember – please don’t adjust the bracelet while it’s on the wrist. To take it off, relax the wrist and just slide it back up above the wrist bone and roll it off, pressing one end of the bracelet into the soft underside of the wrist. If it rolls on – it rolls off!
To adjust, simply open (pull apart) or close (squeeze together) the ends of the bracelet. Do this gently and with equal pressure on each end. A slight adjustment makes a big difference.
After you have made the adjustment, roll the bracelet back on the wrist, slide it back down below the bone and check the fit. Do this as often as is necessary until you get “the perfect fit.”

Men's & Women's Sergio Lub Cuff Bracelets
Womens Small are for Wrist Size 6 to 6 1/2 inches Women's Medium are for Wrist Size 6 1/2 to 7 1/4 inches Men's Large are for Wrist Size 7 /12 to 8 /12 inches Men's Extra Large are for Wrist Size 9 to 10 inches

All the other Men's & Women's Cuff Bracelets and Magnetic Cuff Bracelets are Women's Average Size which is 6 3/4 to 7 1/4 inch wrist size and Men's are 7 3/4 to 8 1/4 inch
unless otherwise stated. They can be adjusted as descriped above for a custom fit.

All The Link Bracelets can be made shorter and some longer as per your needs and request - Type a message in the box on the check ot page as what size you need along with the style number

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 Mens 10 Inch Link Bracelet #CB623G - 1/2 an inch wide
Mens 10 Inch Link Bracelet #CB623G - 1/2 an inch wide
01.Jewelry Cleaning Cloth #1
02.Adjustable Ring #5388C
03.Copper 4mm Earrings #CE420
04.Adjustable Ring #519C
05.Copper 5mm Earrings CE421
06.Copper 6mm Earrings #CE1065D01
07.Copper 8mm Earrings #CE1065D02
08.Adjustable Ring #1795C1
09.Copper Earrings #CE5334
10.Copper Earrings #CE5332
11.Adjustable Ring #0893M1
12.Adjustable Ring #1091D2
13.Copper 15mm Lobster Claw Clasp
14.Solid Copper Sister Hook
15.Adjustable Ring #518C
16.Copper Earrings #CE5335
17.Adjustable Ring #1795C2
18.Adjustable Ring #1795C3
19.Copper Earrings #CE0035D01
20.Copper Earrings #CE3727F02 - 1 inch diameter
21.Copper Earrings #CE078
22.Adjustable Ring #6798DL
23.Adjustable Ring #104
24.Mens 8 Inch Link Bracelet #CB292 - 7/16 an inch wide
25.Copper clip on earring converters
26.Copper 6mm Split Jump Rings
27.Copper Choker #01
28.Adjustable Ring #108
29.Mens 9 Inch Link Bracelet #CB292 -7/16 of an inch wide
30.Copper 12mm Lobster Claw Clasp
31.Copper Ring #CR042 Size 9
32.Adjustable Ring #547C
33.Copper Ring #CR022 Size 9
34.Ladies Link Bracelet #CB001
35.Copper Ring #CR042 Size 8
36.Copper Earrings #CE1267C01
37.Ladies Link Bracelet #CB6141D
38.Mens 8 Inch Cuff Bracelet #622L
39.Adjustable Ring #101
40.Copper Ring #CR019 Size 8
41.Copper Ring #CR042 Size 7
42.Copper Earring Clutch Back - 2 pairs
43.Copper Ring #CR019 Size 10
44.Copper Ring #CR019 Size 9
45.Copper Earrings #CE080
46.Copper Earrings #CE1263C01
47.Copper Ring #CR6313C Size 7
48.Ladies Link Bracelet #CB5124D
49.Misc. Cleaning Cloth #3
50.Copper Earrings #CE3467DO
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 Copper Celtic Ring CTR3875 - Size 8 - 7/16 of an inch wide
This ring gets five stars. I plan on wearing this for the re ..
5 of 5 Stars!